What do a husband and wife, married for over 40 years and both retired, decide to do to make life a little more interesting and fun? Start a business, of course. Lori, a retired school teacher, already has her own little business - Laurel Tree Pottery - which has been successful through word of mouth, consignment, and online. Greg, a retired Project Manager,  has had his Home Bakery License for several years, but has never landed on what exactly he wants to do with it. He loves creating in the kitchen and started to experiment with different fudge recipes, and soon an idea began to form. What could they do to bring their two creative minds and talents together? Simply enough, open a store that sells Greg’s fudge and Lori’s Laurel Tree Pottery business, and call it “Love Fudge and Pottery.” This new venture has breathed a fresh excitement into their already fabulous marriage! One thing they have enjoyed doing together over the years is serving others. Greg uses his love of cooking to provide treats and meals to others, and Lori helps out two ministries that serve children by donating pottery for the organizations to use as donor gifts or fundraising opportunities. They look forward to serving you by enriching your life with delicious fudge and baked goods and functional artisan pottery!