We recently decided to end our solo retail experiment with the Thrive program in Miamisburg. We are extremely grateful to the City of Miamisburg which afforded us the opportunity to operate Love Fudge and Pottery in historic downtown Miamisburg for three months and we highly recommend Miamisburg’s Thrive at Market Square business incubator program to anyone who is considering entrepreneurial ambitions! Everyone in our city government, especially Ben Trick, was accommodating, encouraging and understanding every step of the way. Our decision is fairly straight-forward: We miss the freedom of retirement and what comes along with that freedom - time with family, especially our grandchildren, time for our individual endeavors, and time for spur of the moment road trips.

We are grateful to everyone who supported us through purchases and words of encouragement. We look at these last few months as the conclusion of our experiment, not a business failure, because our small business ventures will continue. Love Fudge and Pottery has been a wonderful success because of the many new friends we now have, the appreciation for small business owners and how hard they have to work, and the joy of seeing people value us and the items we make.

Love Fudge and Pottery is not going away! Our most popular fudge flavors are currently available at Curious Styles & Coffee Shop, 16 South Main Street in Miamisburg. Pottery will be available online, through consignment and at occasional pop-up sites, so we invite you to follow one of the follow sites for more information.  Thank you for your continuing support!